Anomer is a record label that started in March of 2002. Anomer consists of Jeff Fields as the C.E.O., owner and all knowing captain. Greg Bach has been there since day #1 as graphic/web artist. This multinational corporation was started as a way to help my friends in PONTIAC put out a cd. They had recently recorded 5 songs locally and were looking at their options for the release. The big pockets at Anomer decided to step in and help out. This was the catalyst for the idea of a proper label. After we laid the groundwork for their cd I decided that one band does not constitute a label, so I asked ASIA MINoR if they had any interest in joining the fold. They had just recently recorded with Mike Lust in Chicago and were looking to put out their debut cd. They said yes. Ad we had 2 aboard. I then began talking to the ex-members of BACK OF DAVE about a career compilation. This talk moved me to listen to BACK OF DAVE'S drummer's new band, STEP SOFTLY, GHOST. I was amazed and agreed to split the cd with them. I'm still working on getting the BACK OF DAVE compilation out. It will happen!

In late 2003, THE BOTANISTS had recorded some songs and were looking for some help getting a record out. I was a fan of Eric's since his tenure in AUTUMN CLOCK. I said O.K. because the songs are perfection. Around this time, Matt E. from STEP SOFTLY, GHOST had a new band going since he moved back to STL. They were to be known as CAMP CLIMAX FOR GIRLS'. They also recorded an album and I enthusiastically agreed to release it. In early 2004, Brandon (x-PONTIAC) with his new project, 12 SUMMERS OLD. Brandon tells me that they spent tons of studio time for their upcoming release. They spend 6 months in and out of the studio and finish up their record in April 2004. Anomer picks up the tab for replication. It came out in May 2004.

In late 2003 some ex-members of
PONTIAC and a member of THE BOTANISTS came together and started writing some great songs using the name WAKE UP. REPORT . Once they had a couple handfuls of songs they headed to Chicago in August 2004 to record basic tracks. These songs were completed and mixed over the 2nd half of 2004. These songs were mastered in January 2005 for a April 2005 release date.
That brings Anomer to where it is now.