Hey...check out the bands page...these guys are official now.

until then


Hello fine people. I have lots to announce, first thing being that we are back and picking up speed. Second, we have 3 releases coming in the next few months. Our good friends Fire Of 1000 Suns are releasing a 6 Song E.P. of songs recorded around a year ago. FO1KS bring a new take on the most classic of rock. I recommend them if you like full stacks, the 70's, Sabbath or the devil. Fire Of 1000 Suns were on a hiatus until a few months ago and are now rocking with a new bass player. Shauna Kapica is the new low-ender, replacing Bruce K. who now plays with Heroes Of The Kingdom and The Domani International. The Fire Of 1000 Suns E.P. is a compilation of demos that we are releasing in a limited number while they work on their proper full-length. The packaging is "at the press" and should be back before your fireworks burns heal completely. Our next major announcement is that Horshack has joined the Anomer crew also. We have been a fan of them since just before their debut cd came out in 2004. The hail from our neck of the woods, Belleville, IL. They have dilligently been crafting some of the most mature music I have heard from guys their age. They too are playing shows quite frequently, so go visit them when you can. Horshack has been recording on and off since early '06 and are nearing completion. They recently aquired a new drummer, Bill H. from Wake Up. Report. I recommend them if you like Built To Spill, Wilco, The Beatles or Camper Van Beethoven. Thanks to Carter (and Matt) at Suburban Pro Studios for the expert production. Their studio will be fully operational soon and judging by the gear, it will be THE PLACE to record in the STL. We have also made some headway in the Back Of Dave compilation project. We have a master copy of the Split LP in hand and are waiting for the master copies of the final sesh, these should arrive soon. I want to thank Matt at Polyvinyl Records, Pete at Playing Field Recordings (formerly Subfusc) and Tom Kodros from Dolby Sound for all of their help in compiling the master tapes. Thanks guys! Wake Up. Report. has a new bass player in Neal N. from Horshack. They have been writing and have a few new songs and a few new shows...and new drums! Welcome Invasion is a new St. Louis area Podcast engineered by Greg from Wake Up. Report. He does great work and you need to check it out. Names And Titles have been basement brewing some new songs. Names And Titles is the evolution of The Botanists, it includes Eric H., Jon M., Bill H. and whoever else is around at the time. They have been recording at Anomer's recording studio, Black Box Recorders , which is co-owned by Anomer and Bill H. Look for a Names And Titles record sometime before 2008. I have more news, but I'll wait a week. That's enough for now. Enjoy!

Sounds-Wolfmother:S/T.The Life And Times:Suburban Hymns.Gnarls Barkley:St. Elsewhere.
Rye Coalition:Curses.Roger Alan Wade:All Likkered Up
Visions-Loose Change.Coachella:DVD.Underworld:Evolution.Queen:Live At Wembley Stadium.Primer

I'm up


Back for good. At least for the 2 years of hosting I paid for. Full Update later this week.

"Jeff Jeezy"

August 5, 2004

First, thanks to everyone for all of the web purchases. You guys make me smile. I am so happy I can share what I think is great music. From Tokyo to North Pole, Alaska to exotic Maryland! You guys make it all happen, so thank you!

Second I want to welcome home 12 SUMMERS OLD. They made friends and fans on their 2 week Warped Tour tour. 12 SUMMERS OLD got to rock the mainstage at the Marcus Amphitheatre in Milwaukee. They rocked a 23,000 seat venue...f-ing cool! Their good luck continues with an opening slot on the FRAGILE PORCELAIN MICE's CD release show at Pop's. FRAGILE PORCELAIN MICE will be unleashing their new CD "The Best Of Modern Rock". The world's great SHAME CLUB will also be playing this bill (and simultaneously delivering deadly neck punches). The 12 SUMMERS OLD good fortune continues with a nice write up in this month's Alternative Press. Go buy that silly stuff. TSO also have a new website and a show at Club 313 on 8.8.04. One last thing.....Brandon does STILL look like the lead singer from STORY OF THE YEAR.

I finally got back out to see a
CAMP CLIMAX FOR GIRLS show a few weeks back. They broke me off some! They played a great set at America's Pub...yeah, THAT ONE in Westport. There were 3 great bands on that bill, CAMP CLIMAX FOR GIRLS, WAKE UP. REPORT. & HORSHACK. America's Pub has a worse load in than Gabe's Oasis. I have 2 great covers recorded from that night. CAMP CLIMAX FOR GIRLS - "Do You Compute" (DRIVE LIKE JEHU cover). I also just found a 4-track demo of the song on the Swami Records website, click HERE to get the demo version by DLJ. Psst! there will be a new HOT SNAKES record in October. I also recorded HORSHACK - "Where Is My Mind?" (PIXIES cover). Hey...does anyone know if I should actually go see the PIXIES? Is it sad like the JANES ADDICTION re-unions? Please e-mail me. I would have recorded WAKE UP. REPORT. - "X-French Tee Shirt" (SHUDDER TO THINK), but they are too cool to actually play it. Bug them to re-learn it & play it out. It was good. Maybe they'll record it and put it on their upcoming full-length. I did manage to record a song, WAKE UP. REPORT. - "Drive". Tell them how much you like their song, they'll appreciate it. Hey, I dug up an old live track, FRAGILE PORCELAIN MICE - "Enrichment Support File" , for you kids to enjoy...got see them. Rumor has it that HORSHACK is currently recording an E.P. as well... they should put it out on Belleville's largest record label. Word!

CAMP CLIMAX FOR GIRLS is going on tour in a few weeks, you should go see them, I may check them out in Chicago. All the dates are on their website. Good luck guys, the world may never be the same after that. I also have some WAKE UP. REPORT. news. It looks like they ARE NOT going to D.C. to record at a legendary studio with one of the best indie engineers out there. Steve had to put a Hyundai on his roof and Greg had a "business trip" planned for Amsterdam...It's just really complicated stuff. Instead the ladies and I will be making the gentle trip to Chicago in 2 weeks to record at Semaphore Recording. It'll be fun. At least Dan let the boys spend more than $200 on this recording. (refer to PONTIAC recording) Speaking of PONTIAC...It looks like Chris Denton has a new band with some material ready. Check out This Incredible Machine. They also have some mp3's at this slightly less abstract site. Me likes! Check out this flyer from an old school BACK OF DAVE show. I got the pic from the new BRAID DVD. Do you guys remember that band YEAR OF THE RABBIT? Yeah, neither do most people...they came and went fast. It had all those great guys that you used to go see like 5 years ago. It had T' Dau from SHINER and Jeff Garber from Castor/National Skyline. Well they ditched the guy that barely let them play on the record and formed a new group called The Joy Circuit. It's funny how different Garber is now. I remember when he was selling clothes at Sears in high school. Weird. Check them out....way better without Ken.

Sounds-Battles:EP C.Haymarket Riot:Mog.The Ghost:This Pen Is A Weapon.Wilco:A Ghost Is Born
Visions-Bad Santa.Spun.Uncle Tupelo live in D.C. 91 bootleg.Malibu's Most Wanted
Words-Wilco:Learning How To Die

"Jeff Jeezy"

July 7, 2004

Happy 4th! I hope you guys did something patriotic like going to see Fahrenheit 911 like I did. Keeping with the idea of supporting Big Business, please buy our newest releases online at CD Street.com. Do it for the economy.

Well...It looks like
12 SUMMERS OLD has a bonafide hit on their hands with "When The Romance Ends". They had a packed crowd for their CD release party and have had some great shows lately with THE LIVING END and MOCK ORANGE. They have just been invited to play ALL the midwest dates on this summer's Warped Tour!! We couldn't be more proud! If you don't believe me, check here and look at Alternative Press' website. Go see them one last time before they head out into some unbelievable debauchery on 2 weeks of Warped Tour. They have a new website coming soon from Large Mammal Company. If anyone asks you who is going to be at Warped Tour this year, just say "that one band from St. Louis that all the young kids are talking about"....EVERYONE will know you're referring to 12 SUMMERS OLD. Nobody knows who these other bands are...who has ever heard of BAD RELIGION or STORY OF THE YEAR anyway. FYI ladies, Mike D is the very single and very disease-free guitar player of the asian persuasion. If you run into him give him a hug, because even big boys get lonely.

CAMP CLIMAX FOR GIRLS also has a new website up...go see it.
CAMP CLIMAX FOR GIRLS has a great live show...go see it.
CAMP CLIMAX FOR GIRLS has a new CD out...go get it.
CAMP CLIMAX FOR GIRLS is planning a tour for august...god save us!

WAKE UP. REPORT. has been feverishly writing lots of songs and has decided to commit them to magnetic tape (and to memory) finally. They will be heading out to Washington, DC to record in late August. They will be recording with Chad Clark (FUGAZI,DISMEMBERMENT PLAN) producing and T.J. Lipple (from ALOHA) engineering. All of this insanity will converge on Inner Ear Studios. I will be along to document the whole thing...and to drink. They also just recorded 2 songs with St. Louis' own John John for an upcoming Ambivalent Records split CD with 2 other bands. Look for that split soon. The full-length will be out in the fall.

Hey...keep your eyes out for reviews of our latest 3 releases. They will be popping up soon.

Here is a video of Steve Albini being paid for a speaking engagement...Watch the analog nerds salivate. I still can't believe people think Steve is a "cack"...just your average guy that records of LED ZEPPELIN...that's all. Watch and learn. Another bit of web fun I found is Punk-O-Matic. You can make your own song. It's about 2 hours of a black hole. I made a great old school punk song in the vein of old BAD RELIGION and old SAMIAM. I love this site! There is a way to post your song so others can listen....I'll figure it out and post mine soon. If you figure it out, e-mail me yours!

Sounds-Oswego:Just Getting Warmed Up, Jay Farrar:Stone, Steel & Bright Lights, Jawbreaker:Dear You (reissue)
Visions-Bubba Ho-Tep.The Wicksboro Incident.Braid:Movie Music DVD.Velvet Goldmine

Coming at Ya like Cleopatra,
"Jeff Jeezy"

May 7, 2004

Ok, so it took me few months to recover from SXSW. If you want to see our itinerary check it out here. We had a good time and we ran into an old friend from the area, Rob Lloyd (played with Chris Mills and Bantha). He took some pictures of the whole mess. Check out his new project, NO GUITARS from Seattle, WA. Lets get down to Anomer business...

Well, the hits keep a coming!
CAMP CLIMAX FOR GIRLS' "Ten Dollar Birds" CD is here...and it's a scorcher. Check below for a couple mp3's. They are on tour right now and will be home soon for a proper CD release party on May 21st at the Red Spoon in Alton. They have brand new CDs and a few new t-shirts for sale, so buy up some merch. Here is a little note from the road! Enjoy!!

12 SUMMERS OLD also has a CD coming out in a week. They have a CD release show on May 15th at MS Nights. You all must go bear witness. Their record sounds a-fucking-mazing and they are excited to unleash it on an unready world. It is 30 minutes of power-pop goodness. These boys want to destroy the world in the '04, so stay out of their way. They have earned opening slots for MOCK ORANGE and THE LIVING END in the next months, so watch out...they may be the Story of THIS Year(bad joke...I know). Head over to their website and keep up with the boys. There are also two MP3s off their upcoming release "When The Romance Ends" on our Extras page.

THE BOTANISTS have been shredding through the Midwest and also through van engines with a ferocity rarely seen. Have you ever had a $300 towing bill or traded gin for cheap pizza? Neither had THE BOTANISTS until now. Good times indeed! They also have a new CDep out called "The Botanists Write Fiction". You will be able to buy all of our new releases online at CD Street very soon. Buy a CD "Fo Reels" because you could do much worse with your hard earned cash.

I went and witnessed some of my
ASIA MINOR alums in their new Rock n Roll outfit, The Iron Doves. They just played their 1st shows last week and are set to play on Mother's Day @ The Hi-Pointe. It will be a great show with RIDDLE OF STEEL/WE RAGAZZI/TIGHT PHANTOMZ...I might just take momma Fields. Go kiss your mom and come have a 22oz. Newcastle with me.

You guys have heard of
WAKE UP. REPORT. right? If you haven't, you are the last one to know. They have enough songs for a lengthy CD and are trying to nail down some studio time soon. Until then you can head over to www.wakeupreport.com and download 3 kick butt songs. Big ups to Greg @ Large Mammal Company for the graphic design work on our last 2 releases. Greg also pounds the skins in WAKE UP. REPORT. and is a great friend to boot! Some of the WU.R. boys were also in a band called PONTIAC. PONTIAC was Anomer's 1st release and is out of print along with the INCISION compilation. I will be posting these albums in mp3 format for free download later this month. Enjoy! Also, congrats to Dan Huffman (WUR) on his recent marriage. And yes Dan, I always knew it was Dorito chip! Thanks for the confirm.

It looks like Anomer's eldest son,
STEP SOFTLY, GHOST, will be passing the torch to our younger bands. They are (hopefully) playing their last show tonight in Ft. Wayne...viva la Ghost! It looks like Byron is moving to the NYC. Good luck to the boys in life after the GHOST...you will be missed. This means there will probably not be a new STEP SOFTLY, GHOST release, but you can still get their fantastic debut here.

THE GUNS OF NAVARONE have been out-mathing the local scene for the past few months. They'll be taking a break for the summer while Jon and Devin are at Scientology Camp. Hopefully we'll get their CD out in the fall when J&D have fully connected with the workings of Xenu. Maybe my "thetans" will allow me to get the BACK OF DAVE compilation out by the end of the year.

In more metro-east news,
SHELLAC has finally set a make-up date for their 2002 rain-out. Here is all the info on the show. I have 2 extra tickets if you want to buy them for the face value of $8...e-mail me. If you want to see some Christian Porn click away. Some friends of mine have started screenprinting shirts and they do a great job. They are called Brackett Printing and are based in Belleville. They do great work and have great prices. Give them some love.

These are non-label related things I have to mention. Go to
PunkVoter.com and at least get registered to vote if you aren't. I got an e-mail from an old St. Louisan who runs a great organization for depressed/suicidal teens called GuideToFastLiving.com. Please visit both these sites because they provide a great service to people of all ages. I also started to enjoy TinyMixTapes.com. It's like pitchfork without the posturing. Good stuff. I'm almost done...just endure a few more lines of text.

Sounds-Socrates Drank The Conium:On The Wings.Modest Mouse:Good News For People Who Love Bad News.
______-Keelhaul:Subject To Change Without Notice.Emery Reel:...For And Acted Upon Through Diversions.
Visions-Penn&Teller:Bullshit!.Waiting For Guffman.FUBAR.Quest For Fire

tired & out,
Sammy Snowmonkey

March 11, 2004

"It's all happening! They're here...THEY'RE HERE! Mr.John BOTNIST and Mr.Robert CAMP." Do you guys hear that...? Don't be 'skurred', that's just the rocking sounds of CAMP CLIMAX FOR GIRLS and their Anomer Records debut album. The record is done and it is done well. We hope to get it out in April. If you didn't notice, CC4G has a new website with more tour dates than you could shake some STYX at. THE BOTANISTS debut E.P. is back from the factory. Big ups to the nice people (thanks Isabel & Daniel!) at Bellwether MFG. They did a great job on a great record. You should all go buy THE BOTANISTS aforementioned E.P. at their Red Spoon show on Saturday 3.13.04. They are playing with GRAND ULENA, so don't forget your slide rule if you want to keep up with those kids. If you were thinking of going to see the DON CABALLERO TRIBUTE PROJECT, save 5 bucks and your pride and go to Alton. I know Damon Che may think he's 10 feet tall after 9 rails of coke, but he's got nothing on "my derrty" Bob Wadlow (who still has a posse). Oh, and if you still go to that DCTP show, keep an eye on your van keys...kna'I'mean?

Here are some mp3's from
The Botanists - She Doesn't (128kbps)
Camp Climax For Girls - Almost Died, Dead (128kbps)
Camp Climax For Girls - Premonitions Following an Evil Deed (Blues) (128kbps)

It also appears that the
STEP SOFTLY, GHOST/ THE GUNS OF NAVARONE split cd, has actually split into 2 cds. It seems STEP SOFTLY, GHOST is going to re-record their songs along with a few others for a full-length. They will be enlisting the ever-skillful Mike Lust (TIGHT PHANTOMZ) to twist knobs and push buttons. Mr. Lust also lent his "Fred Durstian" vocalities to this Xtreme!" McDonalds advert. THE GUNS OF NAVARONE have come back after a short hiatus and a great "last show" at the Red Spoon in December. They brought it again last week at the Amnesty International benefit. We will be getting their 7 song cd prepped and ready for a May release. We can't wait and THE GUNS OF NAVARONE have waited and waited and waited. It's about time. Alton-World represent! We also will be putting out the debut full-length from 12 SUMMERS OLD in the coming months. Look out for a WAKE UP. REPORT. full-length hopefully this summer. Both WAKE UP. REPORT. and 12 SUMMERS OLD contain X-PONTIAC. BACK OF DAVE played a great show at the Rock n Roll Shoes SHOECASE last month. We want to thank Brian and Amy for being such noble folk. (Get well Amy XOXOX). VIVA LA ZAPATOS! Thanks for a great show. BACK OF DAVE played great as did everyone (including THE BOTANISTS). I'm still trying to get this BACK OF DAVE thing together. It all takes time. Speaking of BOD, Dan & Brian (X-BOD) have a new project called THE IRON DOVE w/ Dave T. (X-ASIA MINOR)...Rocket Bar 5.22.04...be a witness.

Anomer Records is leaving for our 2nd trip to
SXSW in the ATX in a week. We hope to see much and drink much more. Is Anomer big enough to have bands playing, a showcase or panel spot? Hell no! But we are important enough to get free beer every once in a while at a yard party. That's good enough for us! Here are some bands you wish you could see along with us. Alaska!, An Albatross, Bad Wizard, Battles, Big Star, The Black Keys, Bottlerockets, Don Cab, Calexico, Cass McCombs, Cave In, Centro-matic, Clipse, David Cross, Decahedron, Detachment Kit, Dillinger Escape Plan, French Kicks, Grand Ulena, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Har Mar Superstar, High On Fire, Kinski, Magnolia Summer, Mekons, Mission Of Burma, Modest Mouse, Old 97's, Pretty Girls Make Graves, P.W. Long, Retisonic, Those Peabodys, Trans Am, Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! and Yakuza. It's gonna be a blast.

why such scarce updates, here's why...
Sounds-Trans Am:Liberation.Centro-matic:Love You Just The Same.90 Day Men:Panda Park.Magma:Magma
Visions-Wonderland.Strange Days(yeah...that's S2R in the club).American Splendor.AC/DC:Live at Donington

Here is a classic Led Zep song, performed by our friends RING, CICADA at their cd release party last year 4.24.03.

5ive across tha eyes,
Rick James

January 19, 2004

Up-Updated on January 20, 2004

Hey...I just updated the Bands and Links pages. Wow, he updates twice in one week. Call whoever keeps track of that stuff. I will see you at the GUIDED BY VOICES show on Wed. 01.21.04. And also the STEP SOFTLY, GHOST, CAMP CLIMAX FOR GIRLS and WAKE UP. REPORT. show on Fri. 01.23.04. That's a lot of punctuation for rock and roll. Anyway...I'll see you there. Sorry about the less than perfect research on the Rock n Roll Shoes "Shoecase". It seems that our interns here got some shows confused. So...for clarity... CAMP CLIMAX FOR GIRLS is not playing on 2.28.04 at The Rocket Bar. Damn interns, I better cut their wages again. Sorry.


January 15, 2004

2 years...Not a long time in the grand scheme, but better than no time at all. Lots of things can happen in 2 years and many things did. I am proud to say I helped one of the best local recordings see the light of day. I have only Dan, Bruce, Tom, Andy, James, Drew & Dave to thank for 2 years of great music. Thanks for everything. This officially ends the existence of ASIA MINOR. I know a few of the guys are already making noise with other people, so stay tuned.

It appears I have a penchant for bands that like to implode. Keeping with this theme I want to let eveyone know that the
BACK OF DAVE compilation sounds pretty good so far. It looks like a release date is still a few months away, but we have great quality recordings. I think you guys will like it. It also looks like we will be releasing the debut E.P. from THE BOTANISTS in late February 2004. There are 5 great songs from 3 homely guys in one terrific band. You should click on the releases link above (or here) to get info on this upcoming release. We are excited. You should be too. Come out on 2.28.04 and buy their great debut EP. Also playing on 2.28.04 at the Rock n Roll Shoes "Soled Out Shoecase" are RIDDLE OF STEEL, BACK OF DAVE and SHAME CLUB. Make sure to hug Amy and Kiss Brian for putting on such a great show. I'm going to make some freebies (buttons) and if anyone says they want some more BACK OF DAVE shirts, I can get that going. Just let me know! Otherwise I'll see you there.
CAMP CLIMAX FOR GIRLS (x-Step Softly, Ghost/x-The Guns Of Navarone) are playing on 01.23.04 at The Rocket Bar (STL). They really do rock it...it's like they dropped an 8-ball in your green tea and then taught Deep Purple the quadratic equation. If you think your band sucks, you're right...go see CC4G.

I think all the songs for our
STEP SOFTLY, GHOST/ THE GUNS OF NAVARONE split cd are finally recorded now. It should be out in a few months. It seems as though another one of our great local bands has also closed up shop. It appears that THE GUNS OF NAVARONE have also fallen prey to an early demise in the waning months of 2003. We wish the boys well! Our STEP SOFTLY, GHOST boys are coming back to town on Friday 1.23.04 at The Rocket Bar. It will be a triumphant return! The reason I know this is because I listened to this MP3 of Empirical 3 times in a row. You will too! And to keep it even, here is a track from LE GUNS De NAVARONE Voices Like Velvet Guillotines from the aforementioned split. Good Times! Another band playing with STEP SOFTLY, GHOST on 1.23.04 is a band featuring Steve, Dan and Greg (x-PONTIAC) and Bill (THE BOTANISTS) called WAKE UP. REPORT.. They have some great songs. They even have some on their website. Check it. You will enjoy it. And just in case you didn't know, Copper Press has a new issue out and it has a great article on STEP SOFTLY, GHOST and an unreleased song on the sampler. Go buy 12 of them.

And last, but not least we want to congratulate Eric Abert (
RING, CICADA) on his new Rock and Roll job title - Chief Low End Frequency Management Official for THE LIFE AND TIMES CORPORATION (Kansas City Office). See you at SXSW in March Eric.

If you wondering why I haven't posted news (again!) in a while, here's why...
Sounds-Brian Eno:Music For Airports.Cougars:Nice,Nice.Ghosts And Vodka:Precious Blood.Willie Nelson:The Essential
Visions-Led Zeppelin:Knebworth'79.Noam Chomsky:Distorted Morality.Fletch.Army Of Darkness.Stephen Hawking's Universe

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October 6, 2003

And from the silence came but a single profound word...ROCKTOBER! All has been quiet here for the latter part of the summer. ASIA MINOR and STEP SOFTLY, GHOST have both been writing and readying themselves to play some live shows. I am still culling the local archives and slowly readying the BACK OF DAVE retrospective. It looks like BACK OF DAVE are probably done playing shows for good. Sad to say, but I think we saw the last show in June. The rumor is that the "lost masters" from the last recording session have been recovered and are being re-mixed by a good friend of the band. Big Ups to Tom Kodros (x-FLY EVERYWHERE) for finding the tape. Speaking of FLY EVERYWHERE, did I mention how great THE BOTANISTS are? XOXO Bill & Eric XOXO. Thanks for the AUTUMN CLOCK cd. Yet another A-town band gone too soon! Cheers to A-Town!

Another pending release seems to be shaping up well. The
STEP SOFTLY, GHOST/ THE GUNS OF NAVARONE split cd sounds like it is almost done. The GUNS have 6 or 7 songs finished and SS,G have 4 done and are working on a couple more. I have no idea when it will be all wrapped up. I saw THE GUNS OF NAVARONE at Club 313 in Belleville. It was their 1st show in 4 months and they were total burnination! Cheers to THE GUNS! Keep you eyes out for a full STEP SOFTLY, GHOST interview in the next Copper Press magazine and an unreleased song on the cd sampler. Look for all this in Copper Press 17. Cheers to Copper Press!

As of September, Anomer releases are being distributed by
Stiff Slack in Japan. Thanks to Takuya @ Stiff Slack for the eastern distro. Cheers to Takuya! So if you haven't spent all your money on Hello Kitty, Domo-Kun or Gatchaman get the 4th & 5th best things out of Japan(SS,G & AM). Get Some! Jeers to Domo-Kun!

ASIA MINOR has begun to start playing more shows and won't quit writing new songs. They were planning on recording, but writing has been so productive they are going to keep it flowing (at least until they run out of the coke). They are still looking at different recording studios, so if you have any suggestions let them know. Cheers to cocaine!

FINALLY!!! All of this "record label/music biz" riff-raff has finally paid off. I truly have made it! I am the ROCKtober guest commentator for Shoe Of The Month @
Rock and Roll Shoes. Head on over to Brian and Amy's great website and check it! My choice were the very Rock and Roll Vans stylings of Jason House. Please go see THE RAILERS OF KIEV, they are mighty fine folks who rock. Now If only I can get my shoes on Rock and Roll Shoes, my inner metrosexual will be happy. Cheers to Brian and Amy Shoe!

If you wondering why I haven't posted news in a while, here's why.
Sounds-Joy Division:Substance.Autumn Clock:Last.Michael Jackson:Thriller.Interpol:Turn On The Bright Lights.
Those Peabodys:Unite Tonight.Thrice:The Artist In The Ambulance
Visions-Donnie Darko.Led Zeppelin:DVD.Run Ronnie Run.12 Monkeys.About A Boy.Metropolis
Cheers to Donnie Darko!

It always seems to happen like this, October is a feast of wholesome rock goodness. Go to these shows and if you see me at any of these places stop and mention that you read my page and I will buy you a beer (of my choice). See you there!
10/03 - CURSIVE/BLOOD BROTHERS @ Mississippi Nights (Friday)
10/03 - PW LONG @ Hi-Pointe (Friday)
10/03 - 31 KNOTS/MAROON @ Club 313 (Friday)
10/04 - THE SEA AND CAKE @ Mississippi Nights (Saturday)
10/05 - CENTROMATIC @ Hi-Pointe (Sunday)
10/06 - IN MEDIA RES/THE CONFORMISTS @ The Lemp Arts Center (Monday)
10/07 - THE MARS VOLTA @ Mississippi Nights (Tuesday)
10/08 - ASIA MINOR/THE STELLA LINK/ST. CATHERINES @ The Lemp Arts Center (Wednesday)
10/09 - TIGHT PHANTOMZ/ELEVATOR DIVISION @ The Rocket Bar (Thursday)
10/10 - ASIA MINOR/SHAME CLUB @ Frederick's Music Lounge (Friday)
10/11 - HOUSTON/KARL HENDRIX 3.0 @ The Rocket Bar (Saturday)
10/11 - STARLIGHT MINTS/GRANDADDY @ The Pageant (Saturday)
10/12 - ELECTRIC TURN TO ME (Blake from Dazzling Killmen) @ The Creepy Crawl (Sunday)
10/12 - SLAYER @ The Pageant (Sunday)
10/17 - ESTER DRANG/POTOMAC ACCORD @ The Rocket Bar (Friday)
10/18 - MATES OF STATE/I AM WORLD TRADE CENTER @ The Rocket Bar (Saturday)
10/18 - UNSANE @ The Creepy Crawl (Saturday)
10/18 - DARIN GRAY/GORGE TRIO @ The Lemp Arts Center (Saturday)
10/18 - STRYPER @ Pop's (Saturday)
10/19 - Q AND NOT U/BLACK EYES @ The Gargoyle (Sunday)
10/20 - THRICE @ Pop's (Monday)
10/20 - SHONEN KNIFE @ The Creepy Crawl (Monday)
10/21 - CAPTURED BY ROBOTS/RIDDLE OF STEEL @ The Rocket Bar (Tuesday)
10/24 - THIN LIZZY @ Pop's (Friday)
10/25 - SICBAY/CONFORMISTS @ The Rocket Bar (Saturday)
10/27 - FORM OF ROCKET @ The Creepy Crawl (Monday)

Cheers to STRYPER!

If that's not
ROCKTOBER I don't know what is....

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July 28, 2003

Has it really been THAT LONG? Yes, unfortunately it has. Lots of news to report, some is good and some is bad. Let's start with the good. We have been getting some nice reviews as of late. Here's the list of the thumbs-up , thusfar.

Delusions Of Adequacy
Lost At Sea
Aiding And Abetting
Splendid E-zine

Lost At Sea
Aiding And Abetting
They love the records...you will too! Go
here and get your copy.

ASIA MINOR and STEP SOFTLY, GHOST have both appeared on Copper Press cd samplers CP15 and CP16. There are some really great artists on CP16 alongside SS,G & AM. CP16 includes The Life And Times, Sicbay, Riddle Of Steel, Ring, Cicada, Sounds Like Braille, Ilya and Rizzudo. Order yours today at www.copperpress.com. You should also keep your eyes open for a full article on STEP SOFTLY, GHOST in issue CP17 with a song on the sampler from STEP SOFTLY, GHOST that is unreleased. Be patient!

ASIA MINOR has recently been voted St. Louis' Best Hard Rock Band by voters of the Riverfront Times. Click here to read the article and here for a nice pic of the young lads. Drew has also geeked up a brand spanking new website for the boys...and it looks great! Cheers to Drew. Rumors of their demise have been greatly exacerbating. They are sophisticated rock and roll unit, and they have only 1 mission. Click here to download and verify the truths I speak. Ask no more of this subject. They are planning a recording session in September with Mark Heinz at Coachworks Studio. Followed by the release of an e.p. in the fall/winter. I have compiled some mpg movies of the ASIA MINOR Wing Dang Do Tour in May. You can right click on the file name and choose "save as". The files are 100mb+ so I would suggest only broadband users try to download them. It may take a while, so go have a few cokes and a smile and it might be downloaded by the next morning. Enough already, here are the files.
ASIA MINOR Wing Dang Do Tour
ASIA MINOR 313 CD release party
ASIA MINOR Rocket Bar CD release party
ASIA MINOR misc. pics

It looks like things are finally coming together for our
STEP SOFTLY, GHOST/ THE GUNS OF NAVARONE split EP in the fall. I've heard the THE GUNS songs and I can't wait for the STEP SOFTLY, GHOST "cuts". Patience again my children. I have also been laying the groundwork for a new St. Louis "live" compilation. I know everybody has a comp. out these days and that's exactly why IT WON'T BE A CD! I am trying to do a live/performance DVD. Yes, none of that antiquated CD rubbish...we're coming at you straight out the '03! I have my own special list of local bands to be included, if you have suggestions, send them my way. I plan on starting this project in the fall and it may take a while to compile all the footage, so it'll be 2004 before this will see the light of day. I'm just laying the ground work now.
It appears that with Matt E. back in tha Lou', BACK OF DAVE may find time before the end of the year to record some songs for release. I think they plan on re-recording most of their songs for one new cd, rather than a compilation of the older songs. There is quite a bit of video & audio out there from the June reunion show, so don't be suprised if you see some of that end up here in the next few months. Thanks to everyone that came out to the show on June 7th. The Rocket Bar was packed! Thanks to everyone who gave me well-wishes as I was less than 48 hours out of my tonsillectomy surgery. I managed to get rid of all the BACK OF DAVE shirts I had printed up as well.

...And now for the
bad news. It appears just as our beloved STEP SOFTLY, GHOST got themselves a new bass player (Jesse), Matt E. will be departing. Matt E.'s career has brought him back to St Louis. We wish Matt a fond farewell from Le Ghost and a grand hello to both Jesse and Dustin. They are recording this week and will embark on their last tour with Matt on 8/2/03. After this tour the drum throne will be manned by Dustin Kemp. Here is where you should be next week!

saturday, august 2 (jesse's first show)
wheaton, il @ wheaton grand theatre
w/ dakota/dakota

sunday, august 3
combined locks, wi @ ryan's ballroom
w/ dakota/dakota, sounds like braille, sunday flood

monday, august 4
fort wayne, in @ the freedom house
w/ dakota/dakota, the gunshy, classic beasts

tuedsday, august 5
iowa city, ia @ gabe's oasis(waiting for confirmation)
w/ dakota/dakota

wednesday, august 6
wichita, ks @ TBD
w/ dakota/dakota, ricky fitts

thursday, august 7
lincoln, ne @ TBD
w/ dakota/dakota, bright calm blue

friday, august 8
warrensburg, mo @ the setlist
w/ dakota/dakota

saturday, august 9 (matt's last show)
st. louis, mo @ the rocket bar
w/ dakota/dakota

Go see a show!

More pics and audio coming soon. Thanks to John(
Anodyne Records) and Ben, Adam and Duane (from Overstep) for a great time at their Rocket Bar show.


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May 7, 2003

I'm back again for a minute. Just to let everyone know that the BACK OF DAVE show is still on for June 7th at the ROCKET BAR. THE GUNS OF NAVARONE and THE BOTANISTS are cracking open the event. I want to thank the cool kids over at Rock and Roll Shoes! for the ultra deck BACK OF DAVE flash intro over there. Big Ups! It looks like the BACK OF DAVE recording session has been pushed back to February....so hang tight ladies. Hey, right click here and download RING, CICADA's tour video! Do you want to know what the Future Of Rock! looks like?...It looks like the Goddamn RYE COALITION Cuz that's the way it is playa!
Do you know what your favorite
ASIA MINoR member will look like on tour? If not, click here! and see. This is just so you can buy them all a beer on the road. RESPECT!

posted by

May 2, 2003

I'm back again. I have a few things to declare. First, nobody told me, but BACK OF DAVE is playing a show on Saturday June 7th at THE ROCKET BAR. It appears that they will play a full set and that they will hit the studio in September to re-record lots of stuff. That makes me happy. I have been yearning for a BACK OF DAVE t-shirt. Would anyone else buy a shirt if I printed some up for the show? Let me know if you would buy one! You can download the 3 BACK OF DAVE songs from the 1.25.03 re-union show (i've got some pictures up as well) on this page. ASIA MINoR's Wing Dang Do Tour is all booked and here is where you can see them.

thursday, may 15th
ft. wayne, in @ the (fruckin') freedom house
w/ as your ghost takes flight & hadaki matsuri

friday, may 16th
flint, mi @ flint local 432
w/ peneshod, kinsella, the dial, the silhouette & kid brother collective

saturday, may 17th
combined locks, wi @ ryan's ballroom
w/ houston, sunday flood & sounds like braille

sunday, may 18th
neenah, wi @ the blue moon
w/ this bright apocalypse & high fashion

monday, may 19th
neenah, wi @ the blue moon
w/ sounds like braille

tuesday, may 20th
iowa city, ia @ gabe's oasis
w/ the bastard sons of johnny cash & june panic

wednesday, may 21st
kirksville, mo @ the aquadome
w/ tba

thursday, may 22nd
topeka, ks @ the boobie trap
w/ lost in the zoo & conner

friday, may 23rd
kansas city, mo @ the brick
w/ cloudy and fourty seven & i share the dream

saturday, may 24th
belleville, il @ big top skatepark
w/ rizzudo, moreland audio and kudos

Go read some reviews of both

New pictures of

BTW...don't buy a guitar from
this guy. He looks warm.

THIS IS JUST AS DISTURBING....wait and watch the

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April 28, 2003

I know it's been a long time since we rock and rolled...patience kids. John Bonham could have only played one or 2 of those Moby Dick solos since the last time I updated. Thanks for keeping me on my toes though. Just a rundown of the 1st annual Anomer Records SXSW trip... Anomer had some fun. We all had a good time. We saw some of those "movin' picture" actors like Danny Trejo (From Dawn To Dusk) and I also talked to Esteban Powell (Mountain DEWDE!/Dazed And Confused frosh) inside Emo's for like 5 seconds. We also saw Brian Bell (from Weezer) shopping, we also got trapped in some hippie circus, we were in a store/art gallery when Wavy Gravy started "chanting" something absurd...we barely escaped, but I digress! There were 2 real standout shows, KINSKI (Seattle/SUB POP) and of course RYE COALITION (Jersey City/TIGER STYLE). Blew me away! Here were the shows we caught...like you care! HAYMARKET RIOT/KINSKI/JUNGLE BROTHERS/...AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD/ RECOVER/ENTRANCE/THE JEALOUS SOUND/JAY FARRAR/HELLA/MINUS THE BEAR/THE AISLER'S SET/PEDRO THE LION/JOHN EDDIE/ TIFT MERRITT/THE JAYHAWKS/LUCINDA WILLIAMS/WILLIE NELSON/DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE/CENTAUR/PORN (THE MEN OF)/RYE COALITION/PARIS,TEXAS/ULTIMATE FAKEBOOK.
Alright, enough of that, on to the important!

It appears my favorite
Crown Royal drinking, guit-box shredder Josh Kuntz has left STEP SOFTLY, GHOST. They are continuing on as a 3 piece for now. Does this mean they are now a power trio? You make the call! STEP SOFTLY, GHOST will have their debut e.p. coming out on vinyl in the next few months. It will have an extra, unreleased track on it. That is why you should buy one, because vinyl is friggin expensive! They took a while off to write songs for an upcoming cd. They will be putting out a split cd with THE GUNS OF NAVARONE due out in the summer. Make sure you all go out and buy Copper Press #15 (in stores on May 6th) because the cd sampler has ASIA MINoR's "Better Now" and STEP SOFTLY, GHOST's "Dreams Of No Shore" included. Both bands will also have a different song on Copper Press #16 as well. We are also in talks to release a compilation of Kansas City bands. It will be a continuation of the KC Misery compilation. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

ASIA MINoR and STEP SOFTLY, GHOST have a slew of live dates coming up, so go get some rock! Here are the dates...
thursday, may 15th - ft. wayne, in
friday, may 16th - flint, mi
saturday, may 17th - combined locks, wi
sunday, may 18th - neenah, wi
monday, may 19th - somewhere in wisconsin
tuesday, may 20th - iowa city, ia
wednesday, may 21st - lincoln/omaha, ne
thursday, may 22nd - topeka, ks
friday, may 23rd - kansas city, mo
saturday, may 24th - st. louis, mo (maybe?)
saturday, may 3 - fort wayne, in @ the freedom house
saturday, may 31 - wallingford, ct @ knights of columbus hall (friendly fest III)
sunday, june 1 - old bridge, NJ @ m & m hall
friday, june 13 - fort wayne, in @ the freedom house
sunday, june 15(2PM) - west memphis three benefit #2 - indianapolis, in

There are also some rumors stirring that
A-town's finest, BACK OF DAVE, may re-record their final unreleased songs for the Anomer Records retrospective. I'll keep you updated on it! In the meantime go here for some BACK OF DAVE sights and sounds. (will work on 4.30.03) Our Friends RING, CICADA have a new record out called "Good Morning, Mr. Good" buy it! Our other friends 12 SUMMERS OLD (x-PONTIAC) have a CD EP out called "7 Minutes You'll Never Get Back", so go buy that too. Oh...and our other, other friends RIDDLE OF STEEL have an AMAZING new record coming out called "The Python". Go pre-order it at Ascetic Records. Also...go buy all 4 of the UNCLE TUPELO re-issues. GIVE RESPECT.

posted by (the guy without the neckbeard selling merch on the ASIA MINOR tour)

February 22, 2003

We want to thank all of the people that came out to see STEP SOFTLY, GHOST and ASIA MINoR's cd release parties last month. We'd like to thank Club 313 and THE ROCKET BAR for hosting our fun! Thanks Jimmy! We are quite the proud parents of our cds, so if you see us out, ask to see a baby picture. We'd be happy to oblige! I'll have lots of pics and live mp3'sof the release shows up (under extras and under bands) by the end of the weekend. We have been busy working on getting the word out about our 2 new cds. Keep an ear out for both ASIA MINoR and STEP SOFTLY, GHOST on the cd sampler of the May & July issues of Copper Press. Watch your favorite zine for an upcoming review of both cds. We have some great promo AM and SS,G postcards to push these releases. We hope you like...we got a ton! If you still don't own our 2 new cds, go to CD Street We are also finishing up plans for the STEP SOFTLY, GHOST's vinyl release of "Ruined In Repetition". We are also currently talking to a few new bands about future releases, we hope to have some great news for you in the next few weeks.

STEP SOFTLY, GHOST is on tour right now and has a huge show opening for the Bro-Core Tour playing with Sparta and Hot Water Music in Columbus, OH on 3.13.03. Check out their east coast dates on their site. ASIA MINoR will be doing a 10 city midwest tour in May, and will be leaving the pyro at home! ASIA MINoR has a HUGE show at the Hi-Pointe on Sunday 3.9.03 with HOUSTON (MN) and KID BROTHER COLLECTIVE (MI). ASIA MINoR also has a show at Mississippi Nights in St Louis on Saturday 3.15.03. Beware of the Ides of March!

All of us at the Anomer office are heading down to
Texas in March for the SXSW music conference. We thought we might just go down and sign us up the next WHITE STRIPES or some of "them there" HIVES...heck, we'd even be happy with The Vines. Anybody that has any SXSW band recommendations should go ahead and e-mail us. So far you can catch us at the MASTODON, RYE COALITION, CENTAUR, JAY FARRAR, THE FIRE THEFT, FRENCH KICKS, GRAND ULENA, HAYMARKET RIOT, HELLA, HOT HOT HEAT, DANIEL JOHNSTON, THE LOCUST, MINUS THE BEAR, NASHVILLE PUSSY, 90 DAY MEN, OXES, PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES, RHYTHM OF BLACK LINES, SOLEA, TEKULVI, TEN GRAND, YAKUZA and YO LA TENGO shows. You can also find us drunk on 6th street every night at 2am and immediately following this you can find us passed out in the Hampton Inn. You'll finding us wasting our remaining dollars at Waterloo Records. Yeah...it's better than your record store too! See you guys there.

posted by
Jeff "The Godfather"

January 17, 2003

"The blacksmith and the artist, Reflect it in their art, They forge their creativity, Closer to the heart"...truer words have never been uttered. Ah...here we all are. Are we ready for next weekend? Did the the Giants and Steelers get janked? YES! It seems there was a last minute change of plans and PONTIAC won't be playing the 1.25.03 show at THE ROCKET BAR. It appears that one of our friends in PONTIAC was doublebooked. It seems he was scheduled to fly to NYC to do his weekend in The Vagina Monologues and won't be able to bring any rock for us. I'll let you guess who loves their Virginia this much. Instead, we have enlisted the help of the LA GUNS OF NAVARONE to round out the rock opera. We also have some initial plans to do a SS,G/GUNS split in the next few months. I'll keep you informed. We also will be doing a pressing of SS,G and ASIA MINoR on vinyl. Keep your turntables plugged in for a few more months. I hear that RIDDLE OF STEEL will bring out their 12" Python to play with as well.

Oh...how do ya like the new site? You can thank Greg at
Large Mammal Company for the design. Check out the site....it is SICK! I will say that I haven't gotten all the live mp3 links working, so be patient! I do have lots of pictures on the extras page. The SS,G and AM pics are all up and running. If you want incision or pontiac pics, you'll have to wait a few minutes. You can order STEP SOFTLY, GHOST's cd on AMAZON.COM and CDBABY.COM. You will be able to order ASIA MINOR and STEP SOFTLY, GHOST on CDStreet.com within the week!

I'll see everyone Friday and Saturday....Take care, and....Happy Birthday
Susanna Hoffs! Don't change baby...DON'T CHANGE, I LOVE YOU GIRL.

posted by

January 3, 2003

Happy New Year. Hurry up and buy something already!!! The good news- the twins (ar-03 & ar-04) are about to be born. STEP SOFTLY, GHOST and ASIA MINoR have a cd release show coming up. 1.25.03 @ THE ROCKET BAR. PONTIAC is also playing on 1.25. Is is their last show together. Yeah, I know "some band" is playing a "last show" out west, but you should "rep yer hood, dirrty!" on 1.25.03. Show out and hold it down for the STL! ASIA MINoR have an East Side show set for 1.24.02 at Club 313. Also playing that night at 313 are RIDDLE OF STEEL and TREE OF WOE. Afterwards, I heard there's a party at Uncle Larry's, so remember to bring enough money for some $5 Budweisers.

Well, I'll have a new website up in the next week, so check back soon! And now I'd like to wish
PONTIAC a fond farewll and thanks for a great year and all their help getting this thing started.
Brandon, good luck going to
Gay Barber College!
Chris, good luck guitar teching for
Ace Frehley!!
Dan, good luck as
Stag Beer's President of Midwest PR!
Greg, good luck as the newest
DEA Task Group Administrator!
Steve, good luck running the Over 40
Alyssa Milano Fan Club!

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November 24, 2002

Did you guys miss the SOCOMTONAR show? If not, hopefully you saw the ASIA MINoR/AINA/CCD/RIDDLE OF STEEL show...right? If you missed both those, then I know you saw ASIA MINoR/KIMONE/Nosey Parker show at the The ROCKET BAR? If you were locked in your house for a week you need to make plans to go to Radio Cherokee (3227 Cherokee.(314) 832-7654) on December 28th. The line-up is STEP SOFTLY, GHOST/ASIA MINoR/ THE GUNS OF NAVARONE/STILLWELL, the show starts @ 9pm and will cost you $5. Come see ASIA MINoR's newest guitarlerest Dave Todd (yes he has 2 first names...so nice that they named him twice). Be there or lose your punk rock hall pass.

Well, the
STEP SOFTLY, GHOST e.p. "Ruined in Repetition" went to the presses this past week and will be back in a few weeks. We are shooting for a late December/early January release. ASIA MINoR'S artwork went to presses this weekend and we are shooting for a January release for their self-titled cd. I smell a huge rock show at the ROCKET BAR in January...I'll keep you posted on this.

We would like to mention that
ASIA MINoR's vocalister, Dan Campbell and STEP SOFTLY, GHOST's drummlerist, Matt Eberlin are featured on the uber-cool webpage Rock n Roll Shoes. Great site, great people...check it! I want to thank Greg Bach (of PONTIAC ) for all his web design savvy. Check out his UNREAL work at Large Mammal Company. I also want to thank Jim Harper(ex-Pave The Rocket and current OP:ROCK drummist) for all of his superb work on the ASIA MINoR cd artwork. You can check out his page at Omega Five. Last, but not least we want to thank Matt Grayson for some last minute pics. Check his stuff out at six12. I'll be relaunching with a brand new website when we get ready to release the upcoming new cd's. Keep you eyes peeled. It will have loads of pics and live audio and we'll have new merch from all the bands on our site as well as all the cd's for mail order from anomer and from CD Street. Lots of good stuff coming.

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October 27, 2002

And what a ROCKtober It's been! Lots of news in our camp. Everyone say hello to the new kid in class..STEP SOFTLY, GHOST from Fort Wayne, Indiana. They are the new addition to Anomer High School's class of '03. We will be co-releasing their debut cd later this year with Able records. Check out their website for some regional show dates. Welcome aboard boys! ASIA MINoR and their new drummler Drew Carr keep on perfecting ASIA MINoR version x.0 . They have one confirmed show as a 4-piece on 11.17.02 @ the Hi-Pointe with AINA (Superbad/Bcore), THE CAPITOL CITY DUSTERS (Dischord), RIDDLE OF STEEL (Ascetic). AINA is the best D.C. band EVER to come out of Barcelona, Spain. ASIA MINoR's cd is back from mastering and sounds quite good. We are finalizing artwork and it will be off to the presses soon. So be patient kids! We are eying up the tail end of the year to release it to the world. Sign up here for updates and you will be the 1st to know when you can get at it. PONTIAC has also had some changes take place. It appears PONTIAC has parted ways with Dave D.(guitar) and lured one Stephen Cornelius Breidenbach back into the fold. This was obviously done with copious amounts of cocaine, a new cabinet, and the end of the baseball season. They are taking a break from playing shows and are busy writing and practicing. Look for them to emerge again in 2003 with a full length cd and a set longer that 25 minutes....I KID!!!
There are some new links, i'm fixing the mp3's and rearranging things. Look for a new Gene Simmons nugget soon too.

posted by
Jeff (the guy with the emo purse(or sash)/european carry-all/man-purse and all the buttons)

September 29, 2002

Even though we have enough drama here, no....this is definitely not "Bands On The Run" . Anyway...so last month when I mentioned ASIA MINoR was looking for a drummer, well I guess I was wrong. Looks like they have a drummer and now they need a guitar player (stage left if you are keeping score). Looks like their stage left guitarler, Andy, will now be rocking with CALICO SYSTEM (yes, THAT Calico System if you still have your scorecard out). Best of luck Andy, stay up playa! If you have pro gear, pro attitude, a certified R-O-C-K pedigree and you want a shot, go here. Since the train keeps on moving, we keep getting closer to a cd coming out. It just got mastered this week, so look for it in your hands before KISS finishes their farewell tour in late 2006. PONTIAC just played the Summer Sausage 2 show in Belleville. It was the 1st show with new guitar player Dave DeGuire He plays stage left guit-box as well. (if your pencil is still handy, give him 7 hit pts. for the STL-HC point!) Just for comparison, the kid in this picture (upper right corner) gets 24 CHI-HC points for this gem of a horizontal index. Both PONTIAC and ASIA MINoR want to get back to a solid line-up, so they will be laying low for the next few months. The record of the week is THE SOCOMTONAR COLLECTION . Artwork by Greg of PONTIAC . It is truly great....go buy 4 of them.

Last but not least, next month is ROCtober , here are some great shows...go see them all!
RIDDLE OF STEEL at the Hi-Pointe (live on 88.1FM)
10.01.02-The OXES/ISIS at the
Mississippi Nights
10.09.02-CAVE-IN/SPARTA at
Mississippi Nights
10.10.02-KARATE at
10.14.02-SNAPCASE/BOY SETS FIRE at The Galaxy
10.22.02-JETS TO BRAZIL/
RIDDLE at Shattered in Columbia,MO 10.23.02-SHELLAC/CONFORMISTS at the Fairview Heights VFW

Too many shows you say? I say nay! Trying figure out how you'll make all these fine shows and still function at work/school? Just tell your boss/instructor that you won't be in for a month. If they ask why, tell them "Well...it's ROCtober!!!". If that just won't suffice, i can write you out an authorization form. It'll all be fine, trust me. In the meantime keep up the hard work, it just may get you somewhere. See you in ROCtober sometime.

ramblings by
Jong-e fong fong

August 29, 2002

PONTIAC is playing their last show with Steve Saturday...you should be there! You should also call Steve a dork, like his neighbor does. MAROON (from Louisiana...yeah the one that looks like a foot!) and BLAKED (from Chicago). Go see them and buy a cd. If you missed the local show, because you like sleep too...you can click on Extras above to listen to all the PONTIAC segments of the show. ASIA MINOR has new shirts for sale. They also have a well mixed record that is being mastered at one of the best studios in Chicago. NICE! Keep you eyes open for that full length cd dropping in a few months. They are still working out their drummer situation and should be back on the stage real soon. Tom quit smoking last week, so if you see him out blow a load of smoke in his face and smile. Link of the week is for the most METAL for your buck! Go check out SATANICIDE and I guarantee you will laugh. If you see me out and about and you tell me congrats, I'll buy you a beer!!!! I'm getting paid to deal drugs now. Life is good.

updated by

August 16, 2002

This is a quickie, so don't blink or you could miss it! Friday Aug.23rd is ASIA MINOR at the Galaxy for POINTessential 7 and then they are off to Chicago to mix the record and drop it off to Mike Hagler to master the project. I don't think the PMFS show @ the Rocket Bar is on anymore, I think PMFS went home early. Bummer! PONTIAC is appearing on the POINT's Local Show on Sunday Aug. 25th at 11pm. I'm still trying to set up a huge Mississippi Nights show. Thanks Mark! Stay tuned! F.Y.I- Great live SHELLAC show here! Don't say I never gave you anything!

I'm out like I stole something

updated by

August 16, 2002

Aloha kids! Just here to keep you up to date. First, it looks like PONTIAC and ASIA MINOR are both doing well in their search for new members. More info soon! In BIG news ASIA MINOR has been picked for inclusion on the POINTessential 7 compilation. They are also playing the release party at The Galaxy on Friday August 23rd. They are also playing with PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS on Wednesday August 28th at The ROCKET BAR. This is probably James' last show...SO GO! On a similar note, PONTIAC is playing their last show with Steve at 313 in Belleville on Sat. August 31st. Also playing that show are MAROON (from Louisiana...yeah...West Nile Represent! ) and BLAKED (from Chicago). Be there or GET CUT! That is enough for now. ASIA MINOR is re-mixing this weekend and after that the 10 songs are off to KINGSIZE studios to be mastered.

I'm out....

updated by

August 2, 2002

God giveth, then he taketh away! ASIA MINOR and PONTIAC are both going through some changes here at the end of the month. Both will losing members that we have grown to love! ASIA MINOR will be parting way with James Amos (drummist), who will be focusing more on family, school and work. They are auditioning new drummlers as we speak! PONTIAC is losing Steve Breidenbach (guitarer), who will be leaving to concentrate on things unknown! They are looking for a new guitarler, so if you don't suck e-mail pontiac at "dan@pontiacmusic.com" . James and Steve are both leaving on good terms (no Sammy Hagar shit here), and plan to see them at shows in the future. ASIA MINOR had a great show in K.C. and had a not-so-great fender bender on the way back. PONTIAC also has acquired a van for some out-of-town dates. Since you only have a limited time to see the current incarnation of ASIA MINOR and PONTIAC, I suggest you go out Sat. 8/3 to Lemmons or Wed. 8/28 (w/ Planes Mistaken For Stars @ ????(maybe James' last show). You can find PONTIAC @ the Hi-Pointe on Fri. 8/9 and Sat. 8/31 @ 313 (Steve's Last Show). I am also attempting to put together a monster rock show with 6 local bands for mid-October. Be on the lookout! For all of you who missed the LUSTRE KING show....YOU MISSED A LUSTRE KING SHOW! I want to wish ASIA MINOR the best of luck recording next weekend, you should give them some love too! They will have a cd out soon! We promise! all for now,

updated by Jeff

July 6, 2002

Back again with the stuff. Looks like Pontiac has a show on July 11th @ The ROCKET BAR . (thanks Vegas !) ASIA MINOR is playing the next day @ the The ROCKET BAR opening for RIDDLE OF STEEL and LUSTRE KING! (thanks again Jimmy !) Well it looks like ASIA MINOR are going back up to Chicago to record with Mike Lust. (see above: LUSTRE KING) They are going to throw down 3 more tracks and drop a full length come September-ish. Big ups to Eric Abert who is whoring some Shiner merch for their tour. All else is well, because I have the new HOT SNAKES . Before you buy the new HOT SNAKES come check out our swag (just click on ORDER above) well I'm off to go pay my $6....no... $10.......no......$479 to renew my STLpunk page (kidding). Back Of Dave....where are you?

updated by Jeff

June 21, 2002

Aloha people. Well...we placed our submissions for Pointessential this week and we think we have a chance of getting both bands on the compilation. We have put up samples of every track off the PONTIAC cd and a full download of ORBIT is available. We are coming closer to having the ASIA MINOR cd completed. Patience kids! ASIA MINOR has some high profile shows coming up. Monday 6.24.02 @ the Rocket Bar w/ ONE LINE DRAWING, Friday 7.12.02 @ the Rocket Bar w/ LUSTRE KING. Saturday 7.27.02 @ the Pub in K.C., MO w/ the CASKET LOTTERY. They have new shirts in black and blue. PONTIAC is taking it easy and playing a few shows here and there. I think they are trying to write some new songs. I just bought the WHO's "Ultimate Collection"....and it rocks (like the STROKES, WHITE STRIPES and HIVES wish they did!). I've also been digging on this STEPLEADER (R.I.P.) cd I have. They rank up there with BACK OF DAVE for St Louis' most underrated band. Go see some shows. Go watch the Cardinals. Go learn Fung Shui. I'll see you at a show.

updated by Jeff

June 6, 2002

Welcome back to the website. We've tweeked things a bit, all for the benefit of you, "the customer"! Go see Pontiac at the Meridian in Alton, IL on Friday June 7th. Go see Asia Minor at Rise in Springfield, IL on Friday June 7th. I know you can't physically go to both shows, so flip a coin and go see the other band next time! We also want to send our best wishes out to Riddle of Steel
who are halfway through their T.W.A.Tour. Get home safe Dakota, R.I. and 'Tucky! Here are some non-anomer things everyone should own! "Our Band Could Be Your Life" is a must own book for anyone who remotely likes music. Biggest pro= 34 pages on BIG BLACK! Another "must have" purchase is Notwist's "Neon Golden". If you know who they are, give yourself 2 points. If you have seen them live, give yourself 5 points. If you don't own their 2 previous Zero Hour Records releases...you should! That is all for now....wait...I almost forgot.....go buy the Mr' Show DVD's too. Take care and buy some merch from our bands....they have lots o' kids to feed!

updated by Jeff

May 28, 2002

Welcome to the official opening of ANOMERRECORDS.

Bringing you "THE ROCK" in 2002

We want to welcome everyone to our website. Tune in to our streaming mp3's of all anomer releases here!!! We have already released Pontiac's debut cd "Right Next to Everything in the Middle of Nowhere". It is available online at CDStreet.com. All orders include a free Pontiac sticker! Keep your eyes out for Asia Minor's upcoming cd, out sometime in July. Both bands have shirts and stickers for sale at shows. Thanks to everyone for all the support and advice. Just put in a new animated intro too. Special thanks to Greg Bach for all his hard work on this site.

updated by Jeff